Sunday, January 4, 2009

Almost time to get married!

Whew! The holidays were wonderful! But we are exhausted! =) I got home from Seattle on December 15th, just time time to escape all of the snow. Since then Josh and I have been busy busy busy! His dad, Bill, was in the hospital for a week. It was a scary time, but by the grace of God, he is doing wonderfully now. Last night we celebrated Bill's retirement from the Chattanooga Fire Department after 28 years.

I started a new job with a local contract company and have been working all over Chattanooga.
Josh has had two weeks off of work and has caught up on his sleep, housework, and football. =)

Our engagement has flown by and now its almost time to go to Mexico to get married. This is one picture from the resort where we will be getting married in just a little over a week.

Doesn't that look nice =) I'll post better pictures once we're there to take them ourselves.

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